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Why is This Important?

More than 100 million bird deaths from building strikes occur in North America annually, and as many as 1,000 bird deaths per major structure, reports Massachusetts Audubon.

Birds migrate at night every year by navigation of the moon and stars. These birds become disoriented when flying over brightly-lit buildings in city areas. Confused by the lights, the birds fly into the city, and the urban environment becomes a deadly trap. The birds strike buildings as they arrive. In the morning birds take flight and collide with buildings that have clear or reflective glass. These collisions can kill or injure the bird.

How Can You Help?

Take the actions listed below, especially during the critical migration months of April, May,  September, and October. Reducing lighting from midnight to dawn will have the biggest impact.

Building Owners and Managers

  • Extinguish decorative exterior lighting, upward-facing lights, and atrium lighting
  • If practical, ask cleaning crews to light and clean one floor at a time starting on the upper floors
  • Use timers and motion-sensing controls to reduce lighting needs
  • Incorporate bird-friendly building design like applying bird tape to windows

Tenants and Business Owners

  • Turn off lights and draw the blinds when you leave work
  • Use task lighting when working late
  • Promote Lights Out Indy through social media or flyers in your office
  • Contact us to sign up your business as a participant or encourage your building owner to do so

Residents and Homeowners

  • Sign up with us to monitor your downtown building or block for downed birds during migration
  • Volunteer to transport injured birds to a licensed bird rehabilitator
  • Support bird-friendly legislation with your state and local representatives
  • Spread the word to educate the public about how saving energy saves birds

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