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The Indianapolis Office of Sustainability hosted three Data James in March, April and May of 2023.  For more information and to view the videos, click here...

See the Summer 2023 Newsletter for Indianapolis Benchmarking.

BOMA International is thrilled to announce its partnership with IREM, NAA, and Lobby CRE to bring the Income/Expense IQ report to a wider audience. This partnership enables BOMA to produce a high-level, comprehensive report, full of data that will be incredibly useful to real estate professionals. Using this link, members can take the survey and receive a complimentary copy of the report upon release. Submit your building data today to strengthen the industry of the future! Click Here to Take the Survey

Commercial building owners benefit from energy efficiency improvement, especially when energy costs are rising. Efficiency projects reduce costs and preserves the environment. The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) at IUPUI is a program funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) to provide energy assessments for qualified buildings free of charge. For each audit, our audit team, led by a certified auditor, will identify opportunities to make your building more energy efficient, which will be detailed in a comprehensive report. The report will explain the energy saving recommendations, provide utility benchmark and baseline analytics, estimate implementation costs and payback times. It can serve as the baseline for future improvement projects. This process is confidential. The savings directly add to the company profit. The decision for implementation is yours. There is no obligation. For more information, please go to our website, https://iac.iupui.edu, for details. The website demonstrates the current practice for manufacturing companies. We have completed energy audits for 168 Indiana Manufacturing companies. We will update the website with information on commercial building assessments.

If you are interested in receiving this free energy audit by our IAC, please fill out the form under “Apply: Assessment Application” in our website, for a qualification check. Once qualified, we will contact you and schedule the energy audit. Please contact us if you have more questions.


Dr. Jie Chen, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Director, IUPUI Industrial Assessment Center

(317) 274-5918

David Goodman, Ph.D.

Assistant Director

(317) 274-5381

Ali Razban, Ph.D.

Assistant Director

(317) 274-8458

Email: iupuiiac@iupui.edu         Website: https://iac.iupui.edu

The Indianapolis Benchmarking Ordinance was approved by the City County Council on July 12, 2021.  Read the entire proposal here:  CITY-COUNTY GENERAL ORDINANCE NO. 25, 2021 / Proposal No. 185, 2021

Most questions can be answered by reading the above ordinance language.  This ordinance is for buildings located in Marion County, Indiana.  Here are a few key components:


 2021 2022  2023 2024 2025
 Impacted Buildings Voluntary benchmarking for all covered properties

 Covered city properties >50K SF

Voluntary for all other covered properties

 Covered city properties >25K SF

Covered non-city properties >100KSF

 Covered city properties >25K SF

Covered non-city properties >50K SF

 Covered city properties >25K SF

Covered non-city properties >50K SF

 Data Transparency N/A N/A Scores for covered city properties Scores for covered city properties

 Scores for covered city properties

Scores for all covered properties will be published in 2026

Building type exemptions

  • Single family, duplex, triplex and fourplex residential homes and related accessory structures, or any other residential building with less than four (4) units
  • Properties classified as industrial per the designated Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) codes 20 through 39:
    • These are typically manufacturing properties engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of material or substances into new products.  These are usually described as plants, factories, or mills and characteristically use power driven machines and materials handling equipment.

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