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BOMA Indy's Emergency Preparedness Committee is chaired by Renae Breitbach, EVP with Amerimar Midwest Management and the Property Manager of The Lake City Bank Building or 101 W Ohio St.  Meetings will start with our downtown managers to address the issues faced during the recent vandalism of May 2020.

Our Mission:

    • To identify and disseminate information benefiting the real estate community on emergency preparedness, building security, and related issues.
    • To provide guidance for responding to building operation issues.
    • To communicate a constructive, positive image of real estate as a place to do business. To act as a quick response group if events dictate.

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Downtown Indianapolis Updates

Protests will continue for the foreseeable future.  Please remain vigilant of your buildings and check for graffiti.  Also, check your standpipes for debris.  Our public safety partners are working around the clock to monitor and respond to potential threats to community safety and keep us safe.  As always, if you see something, say something. 

If you have vandalism, you are encouraged to call (317) 327-3811.  IMPD will assign you a case number for your insurance claim purposes.  

Do you have graffiti?  Contact Corey Litten or Amanda Hunt of Sherwin Williams.  This product will take it off: 

Sherwin Williams TSW


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